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USB MIDI Compliant and BOSS/Roland Compatible Dual USB-to-MIDI
converter with device specific MIDI Bridges
Download Manual
Download latest PC-Assistant and Firmware (Windows)
GP-10 MIDI Bridge
MS-3 MIDI Bridge
GT-1 MIDI Bridge
Katana MKI V4 MIDI Bridge
Katana MKII MIDI Bridge
Mustang V2 MIDI Bridge


BOSS/Roland compatible

MIDX-20 allows you to control devices like KATANA Amps, GT-1, GT-001, MS-3, GP-10 and many others (SY-1000 not supported), as well as Fender V2 Mustang™ Amplifiers, from any type of USB MIDI or 5-pin MIDI controllers like Behringer FCB1010, SoftStep2 or Logidy UMI3 etc.

The GP-10 lacks MIDI so here's a way to connect your GP-10 to play-back MIDI on any external synth.

MIDX-20 is also a fully compliant for use with other equipment such as the Fishman Triple Play etc.

Express yourself further!

The MIDX-20 has two stereo in jacks for Expression pedals or Dual Footswitches allowing you to go beyond the hardware limitations with "MIDI Assigns".

The Expression pedal(s) may be configured to generate analog Control Numbers (CC#) and foot switches (Latched or Momentary) digital CC# for turning effects on/off, or may also be used for Program Change commands (PC#) either as fixed PC# or PC# Decrement/Increment, allowing a dual footswitch working as Patch Up/Down controller.

Works With

Works with, but not limited to:
Roland/Boss devices: MS-3, GT-1, GT-10, GT-100, GT-001, GP-10, VG-99, SY-300, GR-55 Amplifiers: All Katana Amps,Fender Mustang I,II,III or IV (including V2 series) Expr. Pedals/Footswitches: Roland EV-5, Boss FS-6, Boss FS-7 (or compatible)

Adv. MIDI Traffic Filters, Translations and Rescaling

Customizable MIDI traffic filters at any inbound or outbound connection. Translations (renaming) of CC#/CH to another CC#/CH. Rescaling from LIN to LOG etc.

The MIDX-20 is filled with advanced features.

MIDX-20 Release notes
V3.00 2023-10-19
Imp: Katana MKII Added Solo, Contour ctrl /w Eq/Tone shape etc.
V2.14 2022-03-17
New: Added support for Katana MKII Artist
V2.13 2021-01-10
New: Added support for Katana 50W and Katana MKII 50W
MIDI Bridges(flashed via PC-Assistant Software)

MIDI Bridges are plug-ins for some dedicated devices
BOSS GT-1: Bridge required.
BOSS MS-3: Bridge required.
BOSS Katana: Bridge required.
BOSS KatanaV2: Bridge required.
BOSS GP-10: Bridge is not required but gives additional control
Fender Mustang: Bridge required.
Note: MIDX-20 unly supports two bridges at the same time.

Videos and Images

Gundy Keller
MIDX-20 is the missing link says Gundy Keller. "I really needed it to control my GT-001, great work!!"
MIDX-20 Connections

These are the connectors of the MIDX-20.

MIDX-20 Demo Video

A video showing the potential of the MIDX-20 when used with a Fender Mustang™ amplifier.

MIDX-20 Demo Video

This video shows the potential of the MIDX-20 when used with the BOSS line of guitar synths and other MIDI-equipment.

This pedal board uses MIDX-20 to extend a GP-10 with two footswitches and a Roland EV-5.

Fully loaded BOSS pedalboard with MIDX-20 in control.
Compact arrangement

MIDX-20 brings 5-pin MIDI to the BOSS GP-10.

Pedalboard with the MIDX-20 controlling the BOSS SY-300.



MIDX-20 firmware can only be updated using the MIDX-20 Assistant Windows PC software.
You will also need a USB-to-MIDI cable (ex: Roland UM-1 MK2)

Latest MIDX-20 PC Assistant (incl. MIDX-20 firmware)


Main Manuals

Here you will find all of the main manuals needed for the MIDX-20

Download MIDX-20 Manual
Download PC Assistant Manual