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GKPX-14 & GKPX-14F Parallel Box

Makes it possible to connect your V-guitar to multiple synths
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GKPX-14 allows you to connect your 13-pin guitar to up to four Guitar Synthesizers (Roland GR-33, GR-55, VG-99, Boss GP-10, SY-1000 etc.)
The 13-pin input is compatible with Roland GC-1 or any other 13-pin GK-3, GK-2 or GK-KIT equipped guitar.

GKPX-14F Subsonic filter

GKPX-14F is the same product but includes also a Subsonic Filter for enhanced tracking with Piezo Guitar pickups (not suitable for GK Bass).

The single Footswitch

The Footswitch will operate various stomp patterns to apply individual VOLUME and S1/S2 control to the output units.

IN GK 13-pin Guitar input connector
GKA GK 13-pin Roland guitar synthesizer output connector (power)
GKB, GKC, GKD GK 13-pin Roland guitar synthesizer output connectors
Power The unit is powered by the synth GKA.
Programs Three individual stomp pattern programs P1,P2,P3. Configurable number of outputs.  VOL signal in US-20 mode or GKP-4 mode or controlled by guitar.

The GKPX-14 unit does the same work as two Roland US-20 or a Roland GKP-4.
But in a much more compact size.
And if you choose to add the Piezo subsonic filter you get even more features in the same small unit.

Videos and Images

Top View

Top view of the GKPX-14. Use the footswitch to turn selectable synths on/off. The LED's will show the status.

13-PIN DIN Connections

This picture shows the 13-pin connectors of the GKPX-14

From right to left: IN GKD GKC GKB GKA

Connected GKPX-14

Here's the GKPX-14 connected to three synth units.