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13-Pin Primova XHQ Guitar Cables

Gold plated with locking Straight or Angled connectors


The Cables

The Primova GK cables (black) are a little bit stiffer than Roland GK cable due to robust design and a high density cable braid. The braid ensures that the cable will not crackle when twisted or moved. All connections are professionally soldered to avoid crackling sound or noise. The angled connector uses an extra ground wire for perfect grounding.

Straight connectors (S)

The high quality gold plated locking straight connectors are compatible with any 13-pin guitar, device or GK-Pickup.

Angled connector (A)

The high quality gold plated locking angled connector will NOT fit GK 2/3-pickups, VG-99 or GR-33 or other devices with casing recess. The default orientation is 90°. At 90° the cable will go to the right if plugged into a GR-55, GP-10 or SY-1000 looking down at the unit from normal playing position. On a Spicetone 6APPEAL the cable will go to the left. On Godin guitars it goes up. Orientations 0°, 180° or 270° may be ordered at additional cost.

Cable lengths and options
Type Length Connectors
GK05-SS0.5m/1.6ftStraight - Straight
GK1-SS1.0 m/3.3ftStraight - Straight
GK05-AA0.5m/1.6ftAngled - Angled
GK1-AA1.0m/3.3ftAngled - Angled
GK3-SS3.0m/10ftStraight - Straight
GK3-SA3.0m/10ftStraight - Angled
GK3-AA3.0m/10ftAngled - Angled
GK5-SS5.0m/17ftStraight - Straight
GK5-SA5.0m/17ftStraight - Angled
GK5-AA5.0m/17ftAngled - Angled

Cable weights
Type Weight

Videos and Images

Angled connectors

The standard orientation angle (90) and optional angles.

Removing angled connector

Grab the outer sleeve firmly with two fingers and pull to release the locking mechanism. The angle on this connector is the standard 90 degree version.

Removing straight connector

Grab the connector and press the button with your thumb and pull and pull to release the locking mechanism.