Class Compliant USB MIDI Devices
Probably all Roland/BOSS Devices with USB
BOSS Katana Amplifiers
Fender Mustang™ Amplifiers

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MIDX-20 is the missing link says Gundy Keller.
"I really needed it to control my GT-001, great work!!!"


Gundy´s got a long term relationship with the Japanese musical instruments manufacturer ROLAND + BOSS where he is heavily involved in the development of the their guitar products like BOSS SY- 300, Roland GR-55 VG-99, BOSS GT-100/GT-10/GT-8/GT-6, etc. Shows and presentations are still a large part of GK’s work for ROLAND. In his capacity, he presents ROLAND and BOSS products on many continents. Often he tours in Asia (China, Taiwan, Indonesien, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan) and throughout Europe. Besides that he is dedicated to songwriting and producing @ his own studio facility “A-TOWN recordings”. His new business teaches guitarists to master their guitarsound.

MIDX-20 allow you to control BOSS/Roland USB Katana Amps, GT-1, MS-3 and other GP/GT/SY/VG gear, as well as Fender Mustang™ Amplifier or other MIDI Class compliant device such as Fishman Triple Play from any type of USB MIDI or 5-pin MIDI controller like Behringer FCB1010, SoftStep2 or Logidy UMI3.

The small unit has two USB connectors, 5-pin MIDI in and MIDI OUT with MIDI THRU capability and may be configured for various data routings covering
virtually any configuration you may need.

Express yourself further! It got two stereo jacks for Expression pedals or Dual Footswitches allowing you to go beyond the hardware limitations by using "Assigns".

The analog state of the external Expression pedal(s) will instantly be translated to any Control Number (CC#) and MIDI Channel of your choice. The state of a Dual footswitch is translated to any CC# (Latched or Momentary) for turning effects on/off, or may also be used for Program Change commands (PC#) either as fixed PC# or PC# Decrement/Increment, allowing a dual footswitch working as Patch Up/Down controller.

BOSS GP-10, GT-001, SY-300, GR-55, VG-99
Extend the possibilities of your unit by adding more footswitches or expression pedals.

A Roland FC-300 or Behringer FCB1010 may control up to two USB MIDI devices as well as additional 5-pin devices (using the MIDI THRU mode).

With a SoftStep2, Logidy UMI3 etc. you can control a USB Device and any additional 5-pin MIDI devices.

If you use Roland/Boss Guitar synths with Guitar-to-MIDI translation, you may playback sounds on any 5-pin MIDI synth or USB device.

If add a USB-to-MIDI cable (ex: Roland UM-1 MKII) and Apple Camera adapter cable you may playback on soft synths in iPad or iPhone (such as SampleTank).
The MIDX-20 is compatible with all Boss Katana combo amplifiers, allowing them to be controlled by the same MIDI commands as the Katana Head amplifier.

If you use Fender Mustang™ Amplifiers you can control every aspect of up to two amplifiers using regular MIDI commands.

Each of the two MIDX-20 USB connectors incorporate a "Mustang-MIDI-Bridge" that will read your MIDI commands and control the Mustang amplifier on-the-fly.

If using the free MIDX-20 PC Assistant software you can program individual MIDI listening channels

Works with, but not limited to:
Roland/Boss devices: MS-3, GT-1, GT-10, GT-100, GT-001, GP-10, VG-99, SY-300, GR-55 
Amplifiers: All Katana Amps,Fender Mustang I,II,III or IV (including V2 series)
Expr. Pedals/Footswitches: Roland EV-5, Boss FS-6, Boss FS-7 (or compatible)

MIDX-20 is also a fully Compliant US MIDI Host for unlimited use
with any other equipment.

MIDI IN Standard 5-Pin DIN MIDI connector
MIDI OUT Standard 5-Pin DIN MIDI connector
USB UPR (UPPER SLOT) Standard USB A (Host) connector, 0-500mA (sum of UPR+LWR not to exceed 1.5A)
USB LWR (LOWER SLOT) Standard USB A (Host) connector, 0-500mA (sum of UPR+LWR not to exceed 1.5A)
POWER One standard 5.1mm connector for external power supply (not included) 8-12VDC (center negative, just like BOSS pedals) and one mini USB connector for phone chargers.
- The unit is powered by standard 9V Pedal adapters or any phone charger (5V) into the mini USB connector. Current (amps) rating: If you are using GT,GP,VG,SY or Mustang devices, the required current is just a few milliamps (mA), however if you are connecting high current devices (500mA or more), please consult the manual of the device and find a supply that is powerful enough.
CTRL1 CTRL2 JACKS Two stereo jacks, each allowing connection to a Expression Pedal (EV-5) or Dual Footswitch (FS-6/FS-7).
LEDS Two Dual LED for USB connection status and two LED's indicating MIDI data transfer. One Dual LED for showing operating (data-flow)  mode.
SET Using the SET-button you may enable/disable Merge (Thru) mode, change operating mode (data flow) and setup the MIDI CC# and MIDI Channels for the Mustang MIDI converter and the optional external Expression pedals and Dual footswitches.

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Please allow me to express thanks to V-Guitar forums (Steve Conrad), and of course the great Steven Hirsch (US) for help with the Mustang MIDI Bridge, 4Sound Karlstad (Janne), Gundy Keller and Björn Skorge for input and equipment lending, all to make this project possible. THANKS A LOT!!!!!

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